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Tape Logic® Tape Strips - Loop - Rubber Adhesive Back

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  • 75' Feet Long
  • Great for hanging everything from signs, posters and displays to tools.
  • Touch fastener closure system - when the two sides are touched, hundreds of hooks interlock with hundreds of loops to create a secure bond.
  • When pulled apart, the hook straightens out and releases from the loop.
  • Rubber based, pressure-sensitive adhesive for both high and low temperature environments.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Hook and Loop sold separately.

Tape Logic individual tape loop strip is backed with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive for applications requiring high or low temperature resistance. Tape loop is weather resistant which is suitable for both indoor/outdoor uses. Great for hanging everything from signs, posters and displays to tools

The Kable Kontrol® hook and loop tape is a flexible and versatile cable management product, commonly used in many diverse applications. Due to the hook and loop tape reusable design, you can pull apart the tape and reuse it multiple times. This allows you to use only the correct amount of wrap for each project.

Common Applications for Kable Kontrol hook and loop tape include: 

fiber optics, cord and cable management, home theatre, data cables, telecom, sporting goods, packaging, medical devices,in-plant maintenance, and appliances

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