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Product Features:

  • Pack Quantity: 5000 Pcs
  • Speeds assembly  Cable ties slide easily into mounts from any of four sides
  • Conform to minor surface irregularities
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Available materials:
    • Rubber: quick set, modern strength
    • Acrylic: longer set, higher strength

Product Specifications:

  • Size - 3/4"
  • Material - Rubber
  • Thickness -  0.19 (4.8mm)
  • Operating Temperature - -28.9° to 65.6°C (-20° to 150°F)
  • Color - Natural

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Product Description:

Avery Dennison® Cable Tie Adhesive Mounts are able to conform to minor surface irregularities and are available in both rubber and acrylic. Rubber is quick setting and has a modern strength, and acrylic takes longer to set and is stronger. Adhesive mounts have four-way positioning, making it so cable ties can easily slide into the mounts from any 4 sides, which speeds up the assembly process.